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February 2016


It’s’ a simple but heart felt prayer, full of grace for the recipient of a sleeping bag.


LORD, take the work of our hands and bless it.

And in Thy name, let the person that receives this gift know he or she is loved. Amen


Many of the groups attach this blessing to the sleeping bag with a single stitch.





January 2016


In Honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Keystone College located in LaPlume, PA held a Day of Service. Approximately 60 people, mostly students of Keystone, volunteered their time to help make 22 sleeping bags. Some came on their day off and some came in between classes.

We are grateful for the huge outpouring of interest, from everyone, for dedicating their time and sewing skills, to helping to keep 22 people warm this winter.  Thanks for doing such a great job!





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