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December 2016

Caring is such a big part of our faith. Christ is a gift, given to teach us of
GOD’s unfailing love for each of us. We are expected to realize compassion for our neighbors, and pay it forward where we can.
The sleeping bag project sees our homeless neighbors in just such a light.
The sleeping bag is only a tool. The person that receives our gift of warmth is important.
We are trying to prevent hypothermia in our homeless neighbors, until he or she can be helped or healed by others in our society.


November 2016

Thank You Mesa, Az.

We truly appreciate your update on the lifesaving work you are doing.

I had the privilege of visiting with your “ugly quilters” group many years ago. It was the year you celebrated your 1000th sleeping bag.

This project is now 34 years old and you have created 15,500 sleeping bags. Your group of men and women have had a hand in helping many suffering Homeless neighbors and have saved lives of those you have no knowledge of.

GOD has blessed all of you, as you have blessed so many.