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February 2017

The old adage is true, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”.

The Sleeping Bag Project has had friends for many years. Asking someone to help is not a commitment, but the individual or community group that volunteers, will be helping for decades.

The Mesa, AZ group had made 15,500 sleeping bags and a group in Iowa has made 10,000.

Even here in North East Pennsylvania, we have delivered 210,000 sleeping bags since the onset of the project in 1982.

Here Churches, Schools, Camps and even Prisons continue this life saving project.

When Donors and Sewers who become infirm and need to retire, they pass on their knowledge and continue to tell the world that there is a way to help our Homeless Neighbors, by preventing hypothermia.

We always ask that each person or group teach another so that we can keep on helping those who are so much less fortunate than us.

For the most part, we must thank the media for keeping our purpose alive. That maybe why the Sleeping Bag Project is in so many countries around the world.

To those of you who do not sew or deliver our precious cargo, we give thanks for our support to our Van Fund. You help us get the sleeping bags out to the people who desperately need them. You are savings lives and we Thank You for that.


January 2017


Wow! Another year has past.

I am sure it is the hope of all of us, that we are able to

help some of our homeless neighbors by preventing hypothermia.

Every January we start from sleeping bag number one.

The weather, wear and tear, and just struggling in the cold, a sleeping bag can make a difference of life or death.

People are desperate to stay alive.

Margaret can relate. She was surveying on a cold winter day in the city,

When an ambulance arrived to remove a dead body right around the corner from her.

She had a sleeping bag in her van ready to give to someone, but she didn’t know the man was there.

He had been trying to keep warm by lying next to a man who had a sleeping bag.

Such a sad struggle.

If You, Your Church, school or organization can help, please do. It is important.


We ask all groups to help others start another.

You might be saving a life this winter.

Please Pass it on.

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