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October 2013

School is now open.  Students are starting thier Service Projects.

Home Economic teachers are teaching about the plight of our homeless neighbors by using the Sleeping Bag project as a teaching tool.

Please put  website into hands of those who may be able to help.

We thank you for your help and support in this ongoing labor of love.

September 2013

Come and join us at the  31st “THANK YOU PICNIC”  September 21st at noon.  Hop Bottom, Pennsylvania. No reservations needed. Cover dish suggested.


A special “Thank You” to the recent emergence of Masonic Groups here in the Northeast that are helping us make deliveries. We still need more Lodges to adopt a shelter.

It usually entails  three contacts a year.

1: To find a shelter and establish contact.

2: To call and find out what their needs are in the Fall for the coming winter.

3: Make a delivery.

We work all year to collect supplies and sleeping bags for the coming winter  season.  Remember–no one gets paid. All of us are volunteers. The blessings are many and amazing as you will find out.


Looking forward to  seeing you again or for the very first time.