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November 2013

Last week, I saw a very sad sight. As I was working in the West Village in NYC, I saw some fellow construction workers flagging down a policeman. They had found a homeless man dead on the sidewalk. His friend was next to him trying to wake him up, but to no avail. What did he die from? Drugs? The cold? Was he lonely? Did he miss his family? All of these things ran through my mind as I stood there with the rest of the men, just staring, shaking our heads, for the sad passing of this man. Who was he?  Did he have a name or a family? We will never know. His passing will never be acknowledged in the newspaper. We will go on doing our daily routine as usual, forgetting what had happened to this man.

This is why we need to stay active and vigilant in making these sleeping bags to help those in need, stay warm for the night.


October 2013

School is now open.  Students are starting thier Service Projects.

Home Economic teachers are teaching about the plight of our homeless neighbors by using the Sleeping Bag project as a teaching tool.

Please put  website into hands of those who may be able to help.

We thank you for your help and support in this ongoing labor of love.