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March 2014

Anna,  from a new Ugly Quilt group in Indiana called today to ask what I believe to be a very important question. She wanted to know “How much fill would be appropriate for the sleeping bags?”

It was good question because if the finished sleeping bag is too heavy it will be abandoned.

The purpose of the sleeping bag is to prevent hypothermia and still be functional enough to carry.

While the sleeping bag is still at the 7’x7’ stage, one layer of blanketing is needed. However, the second layer need not cover the whole 7’x7’ square. A layer of warmth can be applied to the “pneumonia area”. Picture where the body lays while in the sleeping bag and add an additional layer of fill, over and under the body area only.

A layer of rummage will do the trick. Cut up old sweater to make a soft spot to lay on.

My answer to Anna’s question would be to keep it at a weight that you would be able to carry it, at all times, comfortably. Even think of it as the weight of a winter coat.

Don’t forget our homeless neighbors will be sleeping with all their clothing on.




February 2014

We can each do something,  no matter how simple, to make the path of others run a little smoother.