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May 2014

Did you ever have an encounter with one of our homeless neighbors? For many years I have realized that they are our neighbors.

When I do workshops I bring a framed photo of a man sleeping on a cardboard box looking rather tattered. The picture was given to me by a retired policeman.

Recently, while I was at a workshop, I showed the picture to all the people in the room.

One woman saw through the grime, to something very revealing. She said look closely, and tell me what you see. We all looked intently at it and said this or that about the man sleeping on the cardboard. And when we finished, the women held the picture up and said, “I SEE SOMEONE‚ÄôS SON.”

Of course, he is someone’s son, or brother maybe someone’s father.

All of a sudden the man lying on the cardboard was different.

And we can try to keep him alive by protecting him from the cold with a free sleeping bag until he can be helped or healed by others in our society. With your help we can help make that possible.


April 2014

I am always looking for an easier and quicker way to make the sleeping bags, to get more of them out there in the cold weather.

Donna from Delaware, Ohio has a good idea. She doesn’t turn the sleeping bag after knotting. She has thought her groups to leave the knots on the bottom and side exposed. They don’t turn the knots to the inside. By rolling the sleeping Bag when flat they create less bulk and the bag will be less likely to be used for other than the intended reason: To prevent hypothermia in our homeless population. Good work Donna.