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February 2018

It has always bothered me that the homeless are so often looked down upon. Certain conditions have given the entire homeless population a bad name. Many conditions such as divorce, mental and medical problems, economic breakdowns, immigration problems, lack of education, lost family contacts and joblessness are some of the problems that people face everyday. Over the last 35 years, making sleeping bags with my friends and volunteers, I have discovered, we are all neighbors, some are even homeless. Some work but can not maintain a home. My daughter Marge calls these people “Sidewalk Citizens”. RESPECT is the word that we need to remember. Keeping people alive until they can be helped or healed by others in our Society, is the mainstay of our project. GOD Bless you and our homeless neighbors. Amen.

December 2017

From our Family to Yours
We Wish You a Happy New Year
May You have a Safe and Warm place
To Sleep and may 2018 be a Blessed
Year for All.