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August 2016

Have you seen the movie “August Rush”?

It’s a story about a boy living in an orphanage, that knew

who his parents had to be, because of the strong

sense of music that filled his being. If you can, please watch his amazing


Mentors are very important in our lives. We may not

realize who they are, or even if they are good or bad, until one day we glance

over our shoulder and see the path we’ve traveled.

Connecting the dots will change your life one way or another.

July 2016

July is a celebration month for all Americans. And as we celebrate,
we must include those people that are struggling to be part of this country.
Our gift to those who are still homeless, we wish them wellness and warmth.
Our only purpose, through the Sleeping Bag Project is to keep our homeless neighbors
Alive and warm until they can be helped or healed by others in our society.
Thank you to all of you who are helping to make someone’s (you have never met)
Life better in their private struggle.