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May 2017


This year as we get ready for the beginning of summer, we need to remember those who fought for our freedom. They are men and women who gave of themselves to protest you and me. Many of them struggle with everyday life.

They are the thousands of men and women who can’t seem to make it on their own and are out living on the streets and back alleys and tent encampments across these United States and the World.
We need to remember the freedoms that we have. That we can live without fear because of these brave men and women.
But so many of them live in fear, trying to survive day to day with no home, no heat, no bed, no place to call their own.
We all need to do our part and help in anyway possible. In your own backyard there is someone who is struggling and could use a little help. Even if it is just giving a piece of clothing, a sandwich, or a sleeping bag.
We all need to do our part in some small way, no matter how trivial it is, to help our homeless neighbors. We all need to do our part.

Thank A Veteran.

April 2017

Wow, it’s here again, a rebirth of life and hope of things to come.

Winter has taken its toll. The earth has rested and some of what

0ur homeless neighbors have endured is softening. It’s time to get

ready for the next winter season. People are very generous donating the

supplies we need.

Believe it or not, here in Hop Bottom, PA, we have been

making sleeping bags for 34 years and have yet to buy a yard of fabric,

or a blanket or a sheet for backing.

There are things we do need, like crochet thread for tying, needles, stamps, and gas for deliveries. The road to achieve our goal of preventing hypothermia in the homeless population, is to ask for the supplies and they will come.

They will come because the sleeping bag project is blessed. It will never end because it is the right thing to do for our homeless neighbors.