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November 2014

Yesterday, people came and went all day. It was a wonderful day.

First, Marilyn Arrives with a donation check for our gas tank.  I was delighted to say the least.

An hour later,as I was taking the bread out of the bread maker, three men from York, PA. drove up. We had coffee and visited for awhile. Then we all worked loading the large pick up that they came in. But they still had more space to fill than we had sleeping bags.

Just as they were tying down the tarp, in came Alice and Tom with 15 freshly made sleeping bag to add to their precious cargo. It was good to watch how things come together when people of caring hearts and minds work together.

This Thanksgiving I will be giving thanks for all of you that take the time to care about people you probably will never meet.

October 2014

School is open and teachers have been teaching about the plight of our homeless neighbors who are in need of our help.

Home economic teachers are teaching students how to make the sleeping bags by using the sleeping bag project as a teaching tool.

Please put the,  website into hands that may be able to help.