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September 2015

 Our Annual Thank You Picnic turned out to be a fabulous day. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the food – very, very good.  All who attended had a great time of fellowship and fun. Thanks to all who brought a dish to share and a gift to use in our chinese auction. We hope to see all of you again next year. Please keep up the good work in helping our homeless neighbors.MBK 2015 021 MBK 2015 006 MBK 2015 016 MBK 2015 044 MBK 2015 040 MBK 2015 028 MBK 2015 032 MBK 2015 031 MBK 2015 018 MBK 2015 019 MBK 2015 022 MBK 2015 020

June 2015

What is an Ugly Quilt?

That is a question brought up so many times from people who are learning about who we are.

When we make the sleeping bags, we don’t want them to be beautiful so that they will be sold.

THEY ARE FREE to anyone that is Homeless!!

They are made of fabrics that have been saved for that “special project” that we never got around to do. We can mix and or match the mismatched fabrics  into 2-  7’x7′ squares and fill them with those “what do I do with these old blankets” and lovingly tie them with 2- Men’s Neckties to create a warm and somewhat comfortable place for someone to crawl into for a night.

That… is an Ugly Quilt.