July 2014

Marge Olsen has been working behind the scenes for many years researching questions from many of you that are looking for a group or supplies or want to start a group. She uses Facebook to find information and places.

On our thirith anniversary we retired the old database and hoped all of you would keep in touch at least once a year. We need your help in keeping the project current. We can often refer supplies or new volunteers on the basis of that information that you give to us. Marge reads all your e-mails and keeps me in the know.

Don’t forget to send us pictures and articles.

Thanks, Marge.

Remember the annual “Thank You ” picnic is always the third Saturday in September at noon. A covered dish works the best and we won’t need a head count. The picnic is in Hop Bottom, PA¬† 18824

Posted by on July 20th, 2014

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