May 2013

You see it in your everyday path, people that need release from every day struggles. If there is one thing I have realized, it’s that we can help people heal, but the real healing comes only when someone is ready to heal. Living homeless is one of those struggles.

MBK has tried to help in that struggle by preventing hypothermia in our homeless population.

You, my friends, have been instrumental in that struggle. Keeping faith, to “love thy neighbor”, people you have never even met. The simple sleeping bag does not solve the homelessness problem but it lays a path to keep our homeless neighbors alive until they can be helped or healed by others in our society.

Jim and I were invited to a local group to talk about the project. We deliberately came late so they could get done with their business meeting. We pulled into the parking area the same time another car pulled in. The gentleman who emerged from the car saw the name on the van and said, “You are the sleeping bag people. I had one of them when I arrived in town”. Inside the meeting he mentioned it again to the group and said “I had a hard time in my life a while back. I was grateful for the sleeping bag. I’m OK now and I’ll never forget your help”. Then he went on to report on the work he was doing now. God has blessed him and bless all of you that helped him get to where he needed to be.


Posted by on May 28th, 2013

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