March 2013

Making Sleeping Bags sounds like women’s work.

Believe me it isn’t.

At our breakfast meeting every Wednesday almost half the Wednesday Crew are men.

Besides eating, they load the van for a shelter delivery. The green van (now 10 years old) holds up to

90 sleeping bags.  All of this precious cargo is delivered whenever  a call comes in for help.

Here in the North East it averages out to 3 runs a week.

Paul takes every Wednesday off to help. Daniel is our man for all seasons.

Chet, age 90, darned socks on my porch.

Josh and Clayton help the Beach Lake women by delivering 50 sleeping bags a week to our garage.

They get their supplies from a nearby resort area.

Recently, Rev Shumway was honored for his many years of volunteering

Including his work with The Sleeping Bag Project at the Dallas U.M. Church.

Len widened our driveway to three times the size so people could park or turn

around with ease. Then there is Jim, who has been committed to this Blessed

project from day one. He has told me more than once that he was going back to work

just to get a coffee break.  He is eighty years old and works at his desk every night stretching

the pennies to keep the project afloat.  God has blessed these men, and I give thanks

for their dedication. AMEN

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