November 2012

Thanksgiving is so many things to so many people.

It was 10 pm the other night when the phone rang. There was a man on the line calling from New York City.  He asked if we were the “sleeping bag people”. (Jim and I have always made our phone line available).

He explained that he had been living on the street and his sleeping bag was stolen. The jacket that he was wearing just wasn’t warm enough and he was very cold.

Recently, he had been staying in Tompkins Square Park, when a volunteer from Hope For The Future  gave him a new sleeping bag.(We had just delivered 70 of them). He asked the volunteer for our telephone number so he could call and say thank you for helping him get through the cold night.

I had asked him if there were any numbers on the sleeping bag. He looked and found 18405 marked prominently on the outside of it. We talked for a few minutes more and he gave me his cell number so he could help us find others in need of warmth.

The next morning we looked up the zip code that was on the bag and found that it was made by the Beach Lake United Methodist Church here in PA.

Remember to sign your sleepings bags with your zip code. It may be a great blessing to someone cold on the street.

Thank you Beach Lake group. You may have saved another life.

Posted by on November 23rd, 2012

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