June 2012

When People ask,“Why are we concerned about the health of the homeless population?”, There is only one answer: Because they are our neighbors.

We don’t know the reason for their life experiences that have brought so many to the point of homelessness. We do know that the road back to “normal” can take a very long time. It can take up to five or more years.

Regaining a healthy body and mind is the first step.

Regaining a trade, a job and savings, is a struggle we all face every day and so do the homeless.

Getting to that point, no matter what one’s background is, requires the help of others in our community.

Others, like you and me, are doing things that we know how to do. Whatever your talents are, they help in every way.

Some of us concentrate on hypothermia. I know many of us are making free, no cost sleeping bags from clean, recycled textiles. Others crochet or knit hats, gloves and scarves.

Maybe that is something, your school or group might consider.

Posted by on June 30th, 2012

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