February 2012

It seems like every day is Valentines’ Day around here. Packages come in from all over the country filled with supplies to help the homeless. We send a Thank You letter to the sender letting them know their package was received.

Today two of the packages had no return address. A secret Valentine if you will.

Thank You. GOD has blessed all of you for helping. That’s the greatest Valentine of all.

A Masonic Lodge, from Goshen, NY, will be here in Hop Bottom, PA on Saturday to bring back a load of sleeping bags for their homeless neighbors.

Tuesday, Jim and I were in Philadelphia delivering to St. Johns Hospice.

Wednesday we made three stops in New York City with the students from Keystone College. We all learned a lot at the Bowery Mission while having lunch with the residents. Next, we were off to a hospice for HIV inflicted women where we left bed linens.

Our last stop was at Tompkins Square Park where a group of Churches from Long Island feed the poor and homeless twice a week. We supply them with emergency sleeping bags.

A Police Officer in a patrol car told us there was a man on the other side of the park that could really use one. I told him that the man would have one today. Amen


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