November 2011

Maybe Thanksgiving is a request time.

This year the shelters are asking that we put the finished sleeping bags in clear or flex bags.  Here in Hop Bottom our neighbors making sleeping bags, give us about 6000 sleeping bags a year.   We need your help since this is going to be an ongoing request. If you can send us a box of bags. It will be much appreciated.

We are still trying to get a replacement van. Please pass the word. It has be a good one because of the milage and the weight we carry.  An average delivery for  Jim and the guys is 100 sleeping bags with a six hour round trip. Thank You for considering how you can help.

My prayer of  Thanksgiving would take hours and hours. I’m so blessed that God reads our hearts and  thoughts each day, each hour, each moment. I give thanks for knowing all of  you in this great work that we have been given to do.







Posted by on December 16th, 2011

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