June 2011

This note is for those of you that are computer savvy.

At 73, I know very little of the ins’ and outs’ of the computer, face book, and all the other helpful technologies out there. If you have helped in the past, I Thank YOU.

If anyone can help us tell the world, there is a way we can help people stay alive that are stranded on the street in cold weather, Please help.

You are a very important person in the scheme of things.

Our goal is to keep people alive, until they can be helped or healed by others in our society.

The Sleeping Bag Project or the Ugly Quilts Project, is a recycling program that uses clean, used textiles and turns them into simple sleeping bags.

They are given as a free gift to any one suffering from the cold.

We are not a club. We are individuals and groups using our gifts and talents to help the homeless stay alive on this cold night.

Posted by on July 26th, 2011

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