March 2011

Over the years we have found a problem unloading the sleeping bags on the shelter end of the delivery process. Please try to roll up the bags “saddle bag style.” Many ties slip off the bag no matter how well thy are secured.

When we deliver a van load to a shelter the sleeping bags are stacked into the van or trunk one over another and the weight compresses the bag and the handles become loose and slip off the bag when we are unloading. We than have to stop and re-roll several sleeping bags on the sidewalk.

Rolling them up flat or saddle bag style requires that the ties be placed one third and two thirds in from the bottom corners. This will prevent the bag from becoming unrolled because the ties are set in one-third and two- thirds from the outside edge.

The Beach Lake Bag Ladies use a length of cardboard to mark were the ties need to be placed.

If you have and questions please give me a call at 570-289-4335

Posted by on February 28th, 2011

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