January 2011

A new tool has come to the Sleeping Bag Project that can help the homeless. Talk about a Happy New Year.

Producers from NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams responded to an anonymous tip to look at our web-sites, www.thesleepingbagproject.org and www.uglyquilts.org

They decided to feature the project on the December 25th evening news under the MAKING A DIFFERENCE segment.  What a wonderful way to let the world know that we are here trying to make a difference by helping those in need. You can view the segment as well as the web only interview with Jim Wheatley by clicking on to this link.


Many E-mails, Volunteers and Supplies have been coming in. We are truly grateful. If you don’t sew and still want to help out, you could help us with a donation to help cover the cost of gas and maintenance of the delivery van. With the price of gas it is a struggle to get these sleeping bags out to where they are needed.

We are working on a Facebook page (My Brothers’ Keeper Quilt Group) to link the web-sites to Facebook so we can find new volunteers or existing groups looking for new volunteers.

The Project is 30 years old now and we have seen many good people pass away so we have retired our old data base to start afresh.

We have a request for our faithful groups and volunteers around the country. We are looking to get your updated information so it can be added to our 2011 database.

You can contact us at [email protected]  or write to us @ My Brothers’ Keeper Quilt Group, 260 Laurel Lane, Hop Bottom, PA 18824. We want to know who you are. We need YOU, so do the homeless in your neighborhood, around the country and the world.

Send us an e-mail or letter containing your name and address, e-mail address, and group name.

You can protect your privacy by selecting Non-invasive Information like Church or Organization, Town, State, E-mail or Mailing address. Only include your personal name or phone if you want to and we will add your info to our in house data base and online contact for your area.

For people that are looking to help in places we do not have working groups we will work with a Facebook link to get new groups started.

Warm Wishes.  Flo Wheatley

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