April 2010

Spring is a good time to move out  the last of the winter supplies before stocking in for next winter. Here on the farm, the men and women that make up the  Wednesday Crew go through the garage and barn, making sure every thing that we have for this time of year is in the van and on its way to a shelter.

We don t give away the lovely used quilts you send, they are for the picnic wash line.  They don t come under he definition of  Ugly Quilts . We do see Sleeping bags come in made form lovely old quilts. I m always afraid they won t be on the street long. Remember we are making utility type sleeping bags so they will actually go to the homeless and not be sold.

If you have a pretty used quilt and want to donate it to the project, think about donating it to out summer picnic. We put up a wash line and they are displayed and given away camel cigarettes to the those great people that work continually to help their homeless neighbors. What a joy they are. They have a touch of antiquity about them and they delight the heart and mind.

Please mark your calendar  for Sept. 18th, Noon to 3 or 4pm. Bring a covered dish and there is no need for a head count.

Jim and I are indebted to each and everyone of you for picking up the sleeping bag idea and running with it.

Happy Spring,
Flo and Jim Wheatley

Posted by on April 1st, 2010

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